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  • ICBBI 48S main

Built In Side-by-Side w.1219


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Fresh and frozen foods need different environments to keep them at their best. Frozen foods need frigid, dry conditions, while fresh foods need chilly, humid air to keep them from drying out. Yet most fridge/freezers circulate the same super-dry air from the freezer round the whole unit, taking with undesirable smells and flavours that can taint and spoil your food. Not Sub-Zero.

Our Dual Refrigeration system means that both the freezer and the fridge have their own independent sealed system, each run by its own compressor. What does that mean? It means that your ice cream stays creamier, your salad doesn't wilt, your fridge never has that stale metallic smell and your ice never tastes of fish. It's not rocket science. All it takes is a little more thought - and a lot more care.

The Sub-Zero ICBBI-48S side-by-side refrigerator/freezer has Dual Refrigeration, which is more compelling than ever in these energy conscious times. By dividing the work between refrigerator and freezer, two compressors help conserve energy while preserving food’s goodness.

Model Options

• Flush Inset ICBBI-48S/O
• Classic Stainless Steel ICBBI-48S/S
New flush inset - Application for overlay models allows the unit to be flush with surrounding cabinetry.Options include using custom panels or Sub-Zero accessory panels in classic stainless steel.
Stainless steel - Models feature wrapped doors, stainless steel handles and flip-up grille, designed specifically to enhance the aesthetics of today's professional-looking kitchens.
Tubular and pro and handle options are available. 
Pro handles are the same style handle used on PRO 48 models and Wolf ranges.Curved handles are the same style handle used on E Series ovens and warming drawer.

Key Features
• Air Purification - Bacteria, odors and gases are significantly reduced by this advanced air purification system.
• Flip-Up Grille - All built-in models have a flip-up grille, making it easier to clean your condenser.
• Advanced Lighting - Bright lighting spreads even illumination throughout each section.The source of the illumination is concealed.
• Freshness Cards - Reference cards inside the unit will guide you in proper storage of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.
• Adjustable Shelves - The spill-proof cantilevered glass shelves make repositioning quick and easy.In-door shelves are adjustable in 25 mm increments for complete flexibility.
• Max Ice - This feature increases the rate of ice production by 40% for a 24-hour period.

• 4 Adjustable Glass Shelves
• 1 Stationary Glass Shelf
• 1 High-Humidity Drawer with Divider
• 2 Storage Drawers with Divider
• 3 Adjustable Door Shelves
• 2 Stationary Door Shelves
• Adjustable Dairy Compartment
• Air Purification System

• Automatic Ice Maker
• 3 Adjustable Wire Shelves
• 1 Stationary Solid Shelf
• 3 Storage Drawers
• 5 Adjustable Door Shelves


Overall Size: H2134mm x W1219mm x D610mm
Door Swing Clearance: 762mm
Minimum Height Required: 2108mm

Storage Capacity:
Refrigerator: 532 ltrs
Freezer: 269 ltrs

Energy Rating: 4*

Shipping Weight:
Overlay - 264 kgs
Stainless - 286 kgs