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IZZI Plus Steams, Disinfects & Deodorises- A NEW 3-IN-1 steamer, which is suitable for steaming garments vertically while disinfecting & deodorising at the same time.
With more than 40 years of expertise in high-quality ironing systems and steam generators, Laurastar, the steam specialist, has developed one of the most powerful steamers on the market. Steam, disinfect and deodorize garments directly on the hanger in record time! A unique technology for perfect results in just a few seconds. Clothes will be left looking beautiful and flawless.

Use the IZZI Plus on your garments but also on many other surfaces within the home. In the bedroom, mattresses, pillows, doonas, quilts, blankets, bed heads & curtains. In the living room, soft furnishings, the sofa, chairs, cushions & curtains. In the baby’s room, bedding, toys, prams, change table, carry bags and anything else that’s resistant to steam. Great for steaming sports equipment & shoes, use IZZI Plus on all fabrics in your home across all rooms. (important do not use the IZZI on any parts of the human body)

Dry Microfine Steam

Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) is an exclusive Laurastar technology developed by our engineers in Switzerland. Heated up to 160°C, well above boiling point, and propelled at a speed of up to 129km/h, Laurastar DMS possesses unique properties for unmatched results. Whether you want to beautify your clothes or sanitize your home, DMS steam guarantees performance, fabric care and hygiene. An exclusive and natural Laurastar technology that will help you avoid chemical products. (IZZI is not an iron but a powerful steamer)

Eliminate Pesty Insects

Kills 100% of dust mites, bed bugs, clothes moths, lice and nits. Perfect for all types of mattresses and bedding. Great for asthma & allergy sufferers. (Do not use the IZZI steamer on any part of the human body)

Kills Microorganisms

Eliminates >99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi and reduce unpleasant odours. Use on items that cannot be washed to kill bacteria, such as helmets, toys, soft furnishings, bags, and the like.

Removable Water Tank

Use IZZI continuously thanks to the removable water tank: you only need to remove it from its holder before simply filling it up at the tap.

Safe Storage Space

A space specially designed for the DMS Steamer allows it to be safely stored away, even while its still hot.

Cable Rewinder

No more cables cluttering up the floor! With the automatic rewinder, the cable can be stored away with ease.


Dimensions of device:        H 45cm x W 28cm 
Total output:        750 - 850W
Electricity supply:        220-240V, 50 - 60Hz
Appliance weight:        4.9 kg. Wand weight 650gr
Length of electric cable:        2.3 m
Length of steam cord        1.95 m
Steam pressure:         3.5 bars
Steam Speed:        104 km/h 
Lead length:         1m80 / 70.86 inc
Heat-up time:        2.5 min
Water tank capacity:        ~1.1 litres