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Qasair WESTMORE Built In hood w.600 w.900 w.1200


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WESTMORE Finders range

The Westmore Rangehood is made to go over induction cooking appliances and to fit into cupboards at 750mm above the hot plate.

These hoods are suitable for all induction hot plates regardless of the wattage and even if they have booster functions incorporated. Water boils at 100oC and the only difference in hot plates is the time to do so.

The Westmore Rangehood comes in four models at 60 cm wide with one motor and up to 100 cm with two motors. Thus the models are 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm with two motors, which provides an air movement from 450 up to 1800 cubic metres per hour. The rangehoods are fitted with LED Strip type lights and stainless steel filters that fit into a dishwasher. Also in the process to continually improve our product the rangehoods are insulated with perforated materials to reduce the noise level to a minimum.

Westmore Rangehoods are made to overcome the problem associated with induction hot plates.

Induction hot plates are becoming more popular in modern kitchens due to the fact that they are quicker and cleaner than traditional cooking appliances and far more controllable. On the other side, there is no heat in the hot plate as all the heat is in the base of the cookware. Consequently, when water boils vapour is formed and is clearly visible and that will condensate on the filters of the rangehood. The droplets formed will drop back on to the hot plate and into the cooking appliance. With the WESTMORE rangehood this problem is overcome. 

The Westmore and Westmore Rangehoods are both 330mm deep. The Westmore Rangehood is designed to be suitable for installation at 600mm above the cooktop. The recommended height of installation of the Westmore is 750mm above the cooktop.

When water boils, steam will form as water vapour comes in contact with a cooler environment and the vapour is clearly seen rising from the heat source. This vapour will condensate on splash backs and on metal rangehoods but particularly on the filters as it is drawn into the centre by air movement from the fan motors.

With the Westmore Rangehood the filter area has been enlarged and raised on an increased angle thus solving the problem.


  •   LED strip type lighting

  •   Dishwasher safe filters

  •   Insulated body to reduce noise to a minimum 

  •   Night light               


  • WES 60L-1
  • WES 80L-2
  • WES 90L-2
  • WES 100L-2
  • WES 120L-2