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  • 17624112 GG GL Cooking 200 2SHS07Ce us 3 def
  • 15994666 2SHS06Cf 2

Gaggenau Vario Downdraft hood 200 series w.150mm


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  • Summary
  • Specifications
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  • Can be combined with the cooktops of the Vario 200 series to a harmonic unity
  • Highly efficient ventilation system at the cooktop integrated in the worktop
  • Function for automatic, sensor-controlled power adjustment depending on the build-up of cooking vapours
  • Low planning and installation effort
  • Air extraction or air recirculation system


  • Power levels depend on the remote fan unit.


  • Control knobs with illuminated ring.
  • 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive mode.
  • Automatic function with sensor-controlled run-on function.
  • Large-scale metal grease filter with high grease absorption.
  • Grease filter, dishwasher-safe.
  • Grease filter and activated charcoal filter saturation indicator.
  • Airflow-optimised interior for efficient air circulation.
  • Interval ventilation, 6 min.
  • Enamelled ventilation grille, dishwasher-safe.
  • Air exhaust bend included in delivery.
  • Overflow 250 ml capacity.
  • Sound level min/max (intensive) according to EN 61591: 56 / 76 dB(A)

Planning notes

  • Please refer to spec sheet for recommended configurations of downdraft ventilations and remote fan units and the needed ducting elements.
  • For each VL one remote fan unit is recommended.
  • Maximum cooktop width between two VL 60 cm.
  • If installed next to gas appliances, the ventilation moulding LS 041 001 is recommended to ensure maximum performance of the cooktop.
  • When having installed the ventilation moulding LS 041 001 the wok pan WP 400 001 can not be used.
  • When installing a ventilation hood with air extraction mode and a chimney-vented fireplace, the power supply line of the ventilation appliance needs a suitable safety switch.


  • Connecting cable 1.7 m between VL and remote fan unit.