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Wolf Contemporary Induction Cooktop w.600


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Contemporary Induction Cooktop w.600

Almost instantaneous temperature response. Practically no wasted heat. Induction cooking has been popular among European chefs and homeowners for decades. 

Now Wolf leads the way in bringing this remarkable technology to North American kitchens. Its secret is magnetism. 

Electro- magnetic elements cause iron and magnetic stainless cook- ware to heat up instantly and with perfectly distributed heat. 

Heat generation stops the instant you turn off the element or remove the pan. The cooktop’s surface remains cool. 

Your kitchen stays cooler too. Transitional models have a brushed stainless steel trim. Contemporary models can be mounted ush with the countertop.



Key Features:

Five elements and five bridging options accommodate widest possible variety of pan sizes

40% faster temperature response than gas or electric

Cooktop stays relatively cool for added safety and easy cleanup

Cookware sensing guards against hot burners being left on

Efficiently transfers heat, because energy is supplied directly to the cookware

Incredible cooking control, with lightning fast high heat and very low lows

Magnetic induction technology provides fast and perfectly distributed heat

Cooktop Specifications:

2 - 2100 W Element

2 - 2100 W Element with 3000 W Boost

1 - 2600 W Element with 3700 W Boost

Technical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions:36” W x 2” H x 21” D

Element Diameter: 11”, 8”